How do I call thee? Let me count the names…

If you’ve started researching your family tree you’ve likely run into the following scenario: Things are going great in the 1940 Census, the 1930 Census, the 1920 Census, and probably the 1910 Census. But you’ve noticed that the further that you go back the more bizarre the spellings of your ancestors’ names become. You’ve been […]

You’re My WHAT Cousin?!?

Have you ever been stumped by the whole “2nd cousin” or “1st cousin once removed” dilemma?  Don’t worry, we all have!!  Figuring out relationships can be difficult.  If you’re like me, then you probably saw all your relatives only a handful of times every year.  And when you did see them, linguistics was irrelevant!  Now you can […]

Resist Swinging From the Branches

Yes, it’s tempting to go straight to the outer-reaches of your family tree.  It’s tempting to explore long forgotten passenger lists and of course tempting to claim ancestors from the medieval times (who wouldn’t like to be related to a knight or a king?).  But, to successfully trace your lineage you have to build a […]

Genealogical Mistake #1 – Unsourced Citations

When you’re just starting your genealogical research it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of climbing your family tree.  You’re searching things online, you’ve made a few trips to libraries and archives, and maybe you’ve even spent a few hours in the dusty basement of a courthouse.  And each time you make photocopies […]

Essential Forms for Genealogy

One of the most important tenants for excellent research is organization. Through the course of your genealogical research you’ll come across enough brick walls without creating a few of your own because of poor organizational techniques. Throughout our Getting Started series, we’ll talk a lot about different organization techniques, but first let’s look at some […]