WDYTYA? is Back on January 21st!

Back in August, Ancestry.com and NBC announced that Who Do You Think You Are? would be back for a second season.  And they’ve been dragging their feet about releasing any additional information.  That is, until last Monday.  Finally, NBC has announced its Mid-Season line up!  Though they haven’t given any of the particulars or released […]

Good News for NARA II Users!

If you’ve ever been frustrated because you just couldn’t make it to the Friday afternoon pull time, you’re in luck!  The National Archives has announced that they will be running a trial in the month of November for Saturday pulls!  Yes, folks, that’s right… Saturday pulls! [box type=”info”]Here is their official press release[/box] New Saturday […]

“Who Do You Think You Are?” will be back for Season 2!

This morning, Ancestry.com and NBC announced that they will be partnering up again for another season of the hit genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? The series features celebrities on their journey to solve a genealogical problem.  Besides featuring tools and repositories that are helpful to many researchers, the series shows that everyone […]

Excuse our Dust…

You know how when you start spring cleaning, no matter how hard you try things always seem to get worse before they get better? Well, that’s what we expect might be happening around here at MyNeChimKi’s Genealogical Services. We’re going to begin some exciting new changes, but in the process we think that some dust […]

Family Tree Maker for Mac???

I almost didn’t believe my ears this morning when I read on Twitter that Ancestry.com announced they were going to be releasing Family Tree Maker for Mac later this year. The part of me that grew up on Family Tree Maker back in the early 1990s did a little happy dance, while the part of […]

Genealogy Apps Part 2: Reunion for iPhone – The Manifesto

Originally posted on 6 August 2009 on iPhonespaz.com. In the previous review of Genealogy applications, we looked at applications that are stand-alone GEDCOM viewers. As we found, these were helpful for a quick, nitty-gritty search when on-location for hard-copy genealogy research. However, they did not (for the most part) allow genealogists or family historians make […]

Genealogy Apps Part 1: GEDCOM Viewers

Originally posted on 18 June 2009 on iPhonespaz.com. The author regrets that this post is a bit out of date and doesn’t include some of the newer GEDCOM Viewers that are out in the App Store these days. Genealogy On-The-Go When I go off into the world of paper and archives I like to have […]

Upcoming Classes, Conferences & Seminars – 4/10/2010 thru 4/17/2010

Apologies for missing this post last week, however, this week more than makes up for it! Wow!! There are tons of mid-April events… and good ones too. Sadly, I will not be joining you for these. I’m taking a couple of weekends off genealogy (since I’m really only a Weekend Warrior these days anyway). This […]

Upcoming Classes, Conferences & Seminars – 3/29/2010 thru 4/4/2010

It’s looking a little sparse this week… so take a break from all your educational opportunities to enjoy your family over the Easter weekend!! This Week’s Classes, Conferences & Seminars Thursday, April 1, 2010: Thomas Balch Library – Researching Court Records, 10:00am, Leesburg, VA (FREE) Saturday, April 3, 2010: Maryland Historical Society – Family History […]