2011 Genealogical Resolutions

It’s a new year, a new decade and time for new resolutions!  Last year I didn’t fare very well in achieving them, however, I think that it is important to have goals so I’m going to test the waters again this year!  Perhaps some of my readers will check in on me and help keep me […]

2010 Genealogical Resolutions – How did I fare?

As part of the 87th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, I posted my 2010 Genealogical Resolutions on the last day of December last year.  I think it’s time to assess how I fared this year.  I have been inspired Tonia’s Roots to begin compiling a list of monthly to do’s to help break up […]

Excuse our Dust…

You know how when you start spring cleaning, no matter how hard you try things always seem to get worse before they get better? Well, that’s what we expect might be happening around here at MyNeChimKi’s Genealogical Services. We’re going to begin some exciting new changes, but in the process we think that some dust […]

Announcing Complimentary Lookups!

I would like to draw your attention to a new feature on this website… complimentary lookups! If you look at the very top navigation bar (up where the writing is really tiny…) you’ll see a new link called “MyNeChimKi’s Lookups.” click to view larger As part of my endeavor to become a better genealogist, I’ve […]

Welcoming an additional author

I’m planning to participate in Geneablogger’s Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories this year. However, my life tends to get away from me a little bit so I’ve enlisted a bit of help. My mother will be guest blogging with me through this holiday season. My mother has been an inspiration to me through out my […]