Using 1940 ED Maps to Find Your Family

Now that the 1940 U.S. Census has been released I’m sure that you’re as interested as I am with finding your family online!  Since these images are provided for free, it’s easier than ever to have access to the Census records.  Note… I didn’t say that it’s easier than ever to find your family! Without a full […]

Awesome things about the 1940 US Census

This awesome infographic provided by shows some of the great information that you can find in the 1940 US Census.  What are you most excited to learn about in your family?

Join the 1940 Census Indexing Project and Win!

In just 11 short days, the 1940 US Census will be released to the public.  Family History buffs, genealogists, and curious researchers will flock to the free access to search for their relatives in the census.  But wait… there’s no index!?  How can I find my people?! Yes… it’s true, there will be no index […]