[Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories] Santa Claus?

Welcome to MyNeChimKi’s Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories! Thanks to Geneabloggers for developing these fantastic prompts for some holiday spirited blogging. Over the next month we’ll be blogging about some of our fondest Christmas memories.

This post was originally posted on 6 December 2009

Today’s topic: Santa Claus

As much as I’d like to not begin by embarrassing my mother, alas, it is not possible. This picture is far too precious and far too good to keep from the rest of the world. And though it isn’t Wordless Wednesday, I think that this picture speaks for itself.


That’s my mom… on the left… screaming bloody murder. Apparently, in her very formative years, Santa Claus was an icon of terror rather than joy. Her brother, Robert, looks mildly annoyed at the scene that his baby sister is making.

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