2011 Genealogical Resolutions

It’s a new year, a new decade and time for new resolutions!  Last year I didn’t fare very well in achieving them, however, I think that it is important to have goals so I’m going to test the waters again this year!  Perhaps some of my readers will check in on me and help keep me honest throughout the year.

Personal Family History

  1. Until very recently my personal family history has been driven primarily by application to lineage societies.  While this has taught me a great deal about research, proofs, citation, and some about my family, I think it’s high time I start doing some “real” research just for the sake of knowing more about my family.  No longer should it matter if the lineage terminates in a Revolutionary War Patriot, a Jamestown ancestor, or a Colonial era land-holder.  Nope… I’m going back to doing research just for the sake of doing research!
  2. I desperately need to get all of my “To Dos” in one place.  Right now there are a smattering of them in just about every genealogical program I use, in every productivity software I use, and on Post-Its, napkins, and scraps.  The terminus of this information will be my RootsMagic database, as I believe that it is the cleanest database I currently use and I really like the “To Do” functionality and reports that it is able to generate.

Professional / Educational Advancement

  1. Modeled after Tonia’s Roots, I’d like to start featuring a montly Genealogical “to do” list.  I think that this will help keep me on task and honest with some of my more lofty goals.  If I’m able to break them down into smaller bites it might not look so bleak when I review my list.  These to-dos will also get integrated into my personal productivity system so that I’m better able to keep up with them.
  2. I would like to begin taking on a light client load starting in early 2011.  Some of this is dependent on factors that I can not yet predict, so I will leave it open to actually taking on clients or preparing the business further to take on clients at the earliest possible date.
  3. Complete my ProGen Study Group in March 2011.  I’m to what I like to think of as the “point of no return.”  Because at the end of December I’ll be more than 15 months into the 18 month program there’s quite a lot of guilt to hang over my head if I want to quit.  I anticipate if there is one thing that I do in 2011 it will be finish ProGen.
  4. Once ProGen is complete I would like to start some other classes to keep going with continuing education.  It remains to be seen whether or not those classes will be the NGS Home Study Course that I’ve failed to start ever since I ordered CD #1, some classes through Family Tree University, or the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.
  5. I have said for 3 years running that I will actually go to NIGR.  This has got to be my year!  I’m hoping that nothing gets in my way this year.  I almost feel like there’s no excuse because it’s so close and it’s so easy to just ride the MARC train into Washington, DC from my house.  This year… me & NIGR have a date.  I promise.
  6. Join the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.  From glancing at their website they have amazing resources on conservation of family heirlooms and other genealogical goodies.  Consultation and possibly light conservation work is something that I would like to offer my clients in the future.

Last year I posted my 2010 Genealogical Resolutions as part of the 87th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene.

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