Upcoming Classes, Conferences & Seminars – 2/8/2010 thru 2/14/2010

Wow!! Talk about a snowpocalypse! The Washington D.C. metro area has just gotten hammered!! And supposedly there’s more on the way this week… Please check with the various societies and organizations that are hosting these programs to see if they are still being held as scheduled. Some may be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather.

Since February is Black History Month, we’re seeing quite a few African American Genealogy seminars and programs.  If you can’t get out to any of these programs, check out Michael Hait’s work on the African American Genealogy Examiner.

This Week’s Classes, Conferences & Seminars

Listing on this site does not guarantee there is space available in classes that require registration.  This list is reproduced in part from “Genealogy Events” on the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society webpage.

Genealogy Blogging Events

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