Announcing Complimentary Lookups!

I would like to draw your attention to a new feature on this website… complimentary lookups! If you look at the very top navigation bar (up where the writing is really tiny…) you’ll see a new link called “MyNeChimKi’s Lookups.”

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As part of my endeavor to become a better genealogist, I’ve decided the only way to really learn is to help others. I have quite a few books in my personal library (and adding to the collection every month) that contain some decent genealogical data. It seemed only natural to offer complimentary lookups for anyone interested in those volumes. Some of them are widely available through but a few are rare and/or out-of-print books. I know how hard it is to obtain copies, get them on inter-library loan, or find someone out there who’s able to look things up quickly. I’m going to make every effort to provide this service to my readers!

As the lookup page and corresponding submission form indicate, I will do lookups as time permits, but I will make every effort possible to do them in a timely manner.

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After all, the farthest I have to travel is down the hall and into my library! Also, to ensure that I’m finding the right person in these volumes, it’s helpful for me to know as much about your ancestors as possible. Please put their names, birth dates, death dates, family members names, pets names (just kidding…), and anything else that you might find helpful or relevant in the message field of the submission form. Remember that without this information it’s possible that I might send you data about the wrong person. It seems like people back in the “good old days” weren’t terribly creative when naming their kids. And people didn’t put much stock in signing their name with their middle names! So being able to match up some of their relatives is very helpful.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can you use the same submission form just to ask a question about my lookups too. I don’t mind at all! Happy hunting!!


  1. Great idea! One suggestion: make those links (home, lookups, etc.) a brighter color like orange – they just don’t “pop” enough to be noticeable right now.

    .-= Thomas MacEntee´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    • I just noticed that myself when I was writing the post and the corresponding pages! It never stood out to me before, but I’m gonna get into my CSS styling and try to tweak it a bit this afternoon! Thanks for pointing it out and reminding me. With the crazy start to the new year it’s likely I would have forgotten!

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