[Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories] Grab Bag

Well, I am really new at this and I can’t remember how to copy the heading paragraph to start this blog entry…so I’m just going to forget about it.  I was also supposed to post this one on December 17.  It is December 17, but the day is almost over.  I’m not going to let that bother me either.  So here goes…

My Grab Bag is about making ornaments.

One Christmas, my mother found a recipe in one of the magazines for Christmas Tree Ornaments.  A dough was made out of just  flour, salt and water. The dough was kneaded, then shaped and baked in the oven.  Afterwards, the ornaments were painted with a brown wash then sprayed with a high-gloss shellac.  Their ornaments were perfect little trees, wreaths, hollies, stars, etc. cut out with cookie cutters.  That was certainly not what my brothers and I produced around my mother’s breakfast room table that afternoon!  We had football players, basketball players, tennis players, Indians, cats, bears, birds, beautiful ladies and even snakes.  We put wings on everything, making them angels.  They were all in glorious 3-D.  There was not a flat cookie cutter shape to be found.

This became a tradition in our family and we looked forward to this event every year.  Our ornaments became more sophisticated and polished as we grew older.  One year I created Adam and Eve (complete with strategically placed holly leaves).  My father was a little horrified.  I can still hear, “You’re not really going to put that on the tree, are you?”  Appear they did.  I delight in unwrapping them from their tissue paper each year and placing them center stage on my tree.  Adam and Eve have aged a little through the years…but then so have I.  I’m pretty sure God gave us poor close-up vision as we age for a reason…so that we don’t notice the “dings in out finish” that we’ve gathered along the way!


  1. Maria has officially called for another rousing round of Dough Ornament Making this year. I think the last time we made them was the year that I made “baby Jesus.” I think that my skills have probably improved a bit since then (though you can never re-create the charm of a three-year-old making something that she says is Baby Jesus, but is otherwise inconceivable).

    What do you say? We’ve got everyone but Scott, so there might not be any Indians, but I think we can whip up a batch. Besides, I’m dying to see what Steve creates. And Maria!! They both need to be initiated into the tradition.

    And dare I say that maybe we should use organic flour and salt so that we can say our Dough Ornaments have entered the 21st-century and are “Certified Organic”??
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