[Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories] Making Gordon’s Christmas Pizelles

Welcome to MyNeChimKi’s Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories! Thanks to Geneabloggers for developing these fantastic prompts for some holiday spirited blogging. Over the next month we’ll be blogging about some of our fondest Christmas memories.

Today’s topic: Christmas Cookie Traditions: Gordon’s Pizelles

When my mother and I began discussing possible topics for this topic we realized that our family has a tradition of having no tradition of Christmas cookies. We have done a lot of talking about Christmas cookies in the past, but we have rarely gotten our ideas out of the books and into the oven. We certainly have some Christmas cookie favorites but it’s pretty much hit-or-miss if we actually find the time to make them.

And then I remembered Gordon. Gordon was my father’s best friend and golfing buddy. And every year Gordon made Christmas Pizelles. When I say that Gordon made Christmas Pizelles, I really mean that Gordon did it. The first year that Dad received Pizelles my mother and I had an inkling that perhaps it was really Gordon’s wife, Marty, that made the cookies and they were just from Gordon. However, we were sorely mistaken. Gordon made them from start to finish, packaged them up, and dispersed them to his “Pizelle list.” And you had to be pretty special to get on the Pizelle list.

I was only on the list one year before Gordon passed away. Last year was the first year that Gordon wasn’t with us. Afraid that no one would feel up to taking up the Christmas Pizelle tradition, my father rallied and decided that he would make Gordon’s Christmas Pizelles and ensure that everyone received their special Christmas confection right on time! And so my father bought himself a Pizelle press and turned down my mother’s offers for assistance. If Gordon could do it, then so could he! And though it was a little rocky to begin with (we had to eat a few batches of rejects before Dad got the hang of it), Christmas Pizelles started coming out of the press perfectly, and the dozens began stacking up. And just like Christmas magic, everyone on the Pizelle List received their cellophane package of cookies.

And as Gordon would say, everything turned out awesome… just awesome.


  1. Mary Lu Moss says:

    Marty forwarded this to me and I loved it. Thank you and thank your dad for continuing Gordon’s tradition. It was so special to read your story. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Lu (Marty’s sister)

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