[Tombstone Tuesday] Polly Fry – Lovettsville, VA

FindAGrave-13Welcome to MyNeChimKi’s first installment of Tombstone Tuesday! I’ve been trying to be more diligent lately in my “random acts of genealogical kindness,” which include going out and doing some tombstone photography in some of the local cemeteries.

At the risk of making myself sound incredibly dense, I always knew that Loudoun County had a deep history and was settled early by European immigrants (around the mid-1750s) but I was shocked at how old and beautiful some of these old tombstones are! I’m hoping to feature one each week. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for extensive background research into these people’s lives.

Polly Fry

Today’s Tombstone Tuesday will be Mrs. Polly Fry, wife of John Fry.

Her monument is exquisitely carved and bears the haunting epitaph “Remember me as You Pass by that you must Die as well as i.”  Polly was only a girl when she passed, 23 years and 26 days.  She was probably only just married to John Fry for a short period of time.  But she must have been loved to have had such a beautiful monument to her life.

I began to wonder about her and did a quick search of “Frys” in Loudoun County around 1820.  It’s possible that she’s the wife of John M. Fry of Middleburg.  In 1820, he is listed in the United States Federal Census as head of household.  There are two free white males aged 16-26, one female under 10, and one female 16-26.  That would put Mrs. Polly right in the mix.  There is another John Fry living in Loudoun County (Aldie) at the same time, however, the only female listed is 26-45.  Also, Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850 have two listings of John Frys marrying women who could possibly be this Polly.  One entry is for John Fry marrying Mary Dixon on 29 March 1811, in Loudoun County.  It’s possible that “our” Polly Fry is a bit young to be Mary Dixon (Polly was a common nick name for Mary).  If her tombstone lists her birth year correct, she would have only been twelve.  Not impossible, but a tad bit young.  The second entry lists a John Fry marrying Polly Young on 8 December 1815, in Augusta County.  Certainly the location of their marriage is a strike against that one, but we don’t know for sure that John and Polly married in or near Loudoun.  They may have migrated from the south.  This marriage year is a bit more believable, putting Polly’s age at 16.  However, there is always the possibility that John and Polly were married prior to emigrating to the New World and they were only here in Loudoun for a brief period before Polly took ill and passed.

I also did a quick search on Rootsweb.com for John and Polly Fry, but unfortunately my search was fruitless.  If I have some free time in the future I might venture out to the Loudoun County Court Archives to see what I might be able to dig up on these two…


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